President’s Corner

Dear SMSHE Members,

Greetings! I hope each of you are well and in good spirits. Our 2022 calendar year is coming to a close and we have a lot here at SMSHE to be thankful for. The SMSHE Board of Directors hopes each of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I would like to take a brief moment to share some of our Highlights this year and also provide a couple of details about upcoming events.

ASHE Awards received this year:

  • We would like to acknowledge our own Immediate Past President, Jack Evans for winning the coveted ASHE Regional Leadership award for 2021.
  • SMSHE won the ASHE’s Chapter Platinum Award for 2021.

Jack Evans left (receiving the Regional Leadership Award) and Stanley Browning right (receiving the ASHE Platinum Award for our Chapter work)

Penrickton Center for Blind Children
Our Board members were in attendance at the Penrickton Center for blind Children Annual Kickoff Fundraiser dinner and as always, it was a beautiful event. We were able to give a donation again this year only because of your financial support. Thank you for your financial support this year!

Upcoming Events and News:
End of year Holiday Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting:
Please join us at our SMSHE end of year Holiday Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting. This event will be on December 14, 2022, 1130am-2:30pm at the Freedom Hill Banquet and Event Center in Sterling Heights MI. We look forward to enjoying some food, fun and fellowship with each of you.

Membership Process:
If you have not signed up for our SMSHE Membership, we encourage you to go to our website or talk with one of our Board members about the process. It is rather simple and can be done online. Please follow the link: Membership | Southeastern Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering (

In closing, SMSHE has a lot to be thankful for and all of it is attributed to the great support we receive from our Members. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you, and we wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

Your SMSHE President,
Stanley Browning

Stanley Browing