Southeastern Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering (SMSHE) is a not for profit organization. We are passionate and dedicated to supporting healthcare facilities with top trends in facility maintenance, energy usage, code compliance, and more. We are a platform for facility’s teams to collaborate; a resource providing continuous education, communication, fun events, and professional networking.

Our Mission

  • Be a channel whereby healthcare engineers can share industry information with each other in an open, collaborative environment;
  • Deliver exceptional educational programs for the advancement of our members;
  • Create an environment that offers associate members access to facilities engineers to share state-of-the-art technology, and applications;
  • Foster the growth and development of next generation engineers through mentoring opportunities; and,
  • Support our local communities via fundraising opportunities and volunteerism.

Our Vision

Be the premier healthcare facilities owner organization, driving evolution of the industry ultimately leading to better patient healthcare.

SMSHE is a place for local healthcare engineers and suppliers to engage in meaningful dialogue around healthcare facilities – Past President, Jeff Kleimola

Building Lifecycle


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